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Out of the ordinary, iYogi has provided unlimited video solutions to myriad of annoying technical failures. Just in a few clicks, you can avail of cutting-edge video solutions ranging from diagnosis and repair and PC optimization to virus removal, etc.

Exclusively, you can browse step-by-step video solutions for troubleshooting e-mail issues and resolving problems related to  antivirus security software. Whether you want to set up Microsoft Outlook and Microsoft Outlook Express, take data backup on Microsoft Outlook or install a compatible and latest antivirus for PC security, you can watch simple to understand solutions. iYogi is the one-stop-shop to get instant solution for any problem you experience on your computer.

Additionally, you can also find top-notch videos pertaining to resolve browser related issues or any error message that may occur while working on Microsoft Office suite. If you are facing problem related to different computer peripherals, including printers, webcams, or scanners, you do not have to be anxious, as at iYogi website, you can browse through detailed video solutions powered by iYogi.

What's more? To make your search simpler, you can navigate through the categories depending on your problem. iYogi offers you an assortment of handy video solutions created for global audiences.

Got a problem on your PC, iYogi videos can prove to be beneficial to combat the most complicated of technical issues.

More Tech Solutions
  • Remove Computer Virus



    To keep your computer secure against viruses, make sure to use a relaiable antivirus, update its definitions and run scans (more…)

  • User profile service failed the logon. User profile cannot be loaded.



    Steps to fix the error message “The User Profile Service failed the logon. User profile cannot be loaded” in Windows.

    1.  Start the computer and press F8 key immediately.
    2. In the “Advanced Boot Options” window, select “Safe Mode” and then press “Enter”
    3. Login to your account.
    4. Click Start
    5. In Start Search box, type “regedit”, and press “Enter”.
    6. In Registry Editor window, navigate to: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\ProfileList
    7. In the left pane, look for the folder name starting with S-1-5 (SID key) followed by a long number, then click the folder and locate ProfileImagePath from the right pane to verify that this is the user account profile that has the error.
    8. If you have two folders starting with S-1-5 followed by same long numbers and one of them ends in .bak
    9. Change the .bak folder to normal one. To do this:
    10. Right click the folder without .bak and choose “Rename”. Then add .ba at the end of the folder name.
    11. Right click the folder with .bak and choose “Rename”. Then remove “.bak” at the end of the folder name.
    12. Right click the folder with .ba and choose “Rename”. Then change the .ba to .bak at the end of the folder name.
    13. Choose the folder without .bak
    14. In the right pane, right click on RefCount and then select “Modify”
    15. Under “Value Data”, type 0 and then click OK.
    16. Right click on State and then select “Modify”
    17. Under “Value Data”, type 0 and then click OK.
    18. Close Registry Editor window.
    19. Restart the computer in normal mode & log on to your account again.

  • How to uninstall AVG® Secure Search from Google® Chrome in Windows® 7



    Simple steps to uninstall AVG® Secure Search from Google® Chrome in a Windows® 7 PC.

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